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    What is jack & annie’s foodservice?​

    We are the #1 jackfruit brand in the U.S.—producing delicious, convenient, whole plant foods that have the same satisfaction as meat. Our line of mouthwatering jackfruit foods are professional kitchen-friendly, craveable, healthy, and sustainable.

What is jackfruit?

Jack, short for jackfruit, is a big ol’ tropical plant with a lot to offer. It’s a real, whole food with a satisfying meaty texture, naturally. Beyond being a crowd-pleaser for meat replacement, it’s versatile in the kitchen, making it a great match for seasonings, sauces, or enhancing the flavor of any style of cuisine. Our jackfruit comes from India, where farmers are able to bolster their livelihoods by harvesting this sustainable, nutritionally dense and delicious food.

Why jackfruit?

Customers are
hungry for it

72% of customers are aware of Jackfruit as a great plant-based choice, just behind soy protein and tofu. And 2 out of 3 fast casual customers say that a jackfruit menu item would make them more likely to purchase from a restaurant.

guests are
eager to try it

Research shows that menu items with jackfruit drive incremental sales, especially when it’s positioned as something new to try. However, your kitchen doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel: things like jackfruit tacos, burritos, pulled jack sandwiches and Asian dishes made with jackfruit all pique interest, while keeping menu integration easy.

Whole plant

Jackfruit’s whole food roots strike consumers as more appetizing than foods positioned as plant-based, veggie-based, or meat alternatives. Consumers associate jackfruit with being healthy, natural, high-quality, and rich in nutrition—because it is!


Chefs as well as diners are consistently surprised and delighted at the taste and quality of jack & annie's™ jackfruit products.


jack & annie's™ products are incredibly versatile and easy to use in professional kitchens across a wide range of dishes, and dayparts. Products are particularly well-suited for universities, fast casual, quick service, and casual dining.


jack & annie's™ products use jackfruit as the #1 ingredient, along with other real, whole foods that are minimally processed and nutritious.


While vegetarians may be the most familiar with jackfruit, jack & annie's™ products are proven to attract omnivores, college students, and consumers under age 35.

Menu appeal

Exceptional taste and texture, identical to meat.

Good source of plant protein

Lower in fat and high in fiber


First ingredient is always jackfruit, not water, not pea or soy protein isolate


Made from a real plant

Socially responsible, ethically sourced jackfruit supports family farms with a sustainable crop


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if you're wondering...

What is jackfruit?
  • Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world (one jackfruit can weight up to 100 pounds!)
  • One jackfruit tree can produce up to 200 jackfruits per year
  • Native to India, this miracle fruit grows around the world in tropical climates
  • Jackfruit has been a staple ingredient in many Asian cultures for centuries


Young Jackfruit is a Meat Alternative:

      • Nutritionally dense: high in gut-healthy fiber, low in calories
      • Unusually meaty, dense texture that shreds liked pulled meat (but it’s a fruit!)
      • Subtle, neutral flavor that absorbs and complements spices and seasonings
      • jack & annie’s™ FAQ
Is jackfruit a sustainable crop?

Yes! jackfruit trees are naturally resistant to high temperatures, pests, and drought, making them a promising alternative to more fragile staple crops in our rapidly changing global climate. They’re also phenomenally productive—one tree can yield up to three tons of fruit a year—which is great for farmers, whose livelihoods depend on healthy yields.

Is jackfruit nutritious?

Yes! A lot of meat substitutes are made from highly processed foods, but not jackfruit. As a whole food, jackfruit doesn’t need any macro or micronutrients added. It’s an excellent natural source of fiber, protein, potassium, iron, and calcium. Beyond that, it’s low in calories, sodium, and contains zero cholesterol.

What is jackfruit like?

Young jackfruit is deliciously meaty in texture and has no sugar. It has the right amount of satisfaction for main dishes, making it a great swap for beef, pork, and chicken.

Are jack & annie's™ products vegan and dairy free?

Yes, all of jack & annie’s™ products are vegan and dairy-free.

Are jack & annie's™ products gluten-free?

Our savory breakfast jack sausages and savory jack crumbles are gluten-free, as is the Naked Jackfruit.

They are. The Jackfruit Company was our first adventure
into the world of making amazing jackfruit dishes for the
world to eat. jack & annie’s™ is our latest endeavor with
products that closely resemble the meaty favorites our
consumers grew up with.