Impact Slide to help the planet? Eat delicious food to help the planet? Eat delicious food

Making tasty food is just part of what we do. Each day, we give our all to do the most good for our farmers, our consumers, and the planet.
But what does that actually mean? Don’t worry, we’ve got details.

loving good dirt.

8,000 acres have been
certified organic
under our watch

We are always working to improve the land by planting trees and using organic practices.

money can grow on trees.

1,000 farming families
Earn 10-40% OF THEIR INCOME by selling us Jackfruit directly

Our straight-from-the-farmer supply chain uses extra jackfruit to create income gains and better livelihoods.

Mother Nature can do her thing.

By harvesting from wild trees, critters get a place to call home. Plus, shade from existing and new trees we plant support lower growing crops and plants.

not going to waste.

70% of Jackfruit
goes unused

By using it in our food, we keep it on plates and outta the compost.

rebuilding a broken cycle.


loading up.

We use full container load ocean freight to get our food from India to North America in the most carbon efficient way.