• Impact

    Using what’s on your plate to help people & the planet

Making delicious jackfruit foods is what we do. Taking care of the Earth and the people who work it, is also core to our mission. Each day, we do our part to work alongside family farmers in India to help them grow the mighty, meaty jackfruit we love to eat—sustainably and ethically.

We get down to earth

Annie and Farmers in India
8,000 acres of certified organic soil
Local farmers know best and we let their expertise shine in the jackfruit growing process. They use generations of organic farming knowledge to protect the land while sustainably harvesting jackfruit for our food.

For our farmers, money does grow on trees.

We support over 1,700 farming families
who earn 10-40% OF THEIR INCOME by selling us Jackfruit

This gives them more resources to care for their families, greater income for their hard work, and pounds of jackfruit that you can taste the love in.

We follow Mother Nature's lead

Our jackfruit is harvested from wild trees in India’s forests. The natural environment grew them, and our farmers carefully harvest them. This means the land and the critters who need jackfruit, can keep their homes intact while you enjoy our delicious nuggets, meatballs, and sausages.

Waste is not in our DNA

Did you know that
70% of Jackfruit
goes unused?

Most jackfruit previously didn’t make it to market. By building farm-to-fork supply chains for jackfruit, we prevent food waste. In fact, we use the whole fruit except the peel in our foods – and the peel goes to good use in compost or biogas production.

We’re creating a more sustainable cycle

Jackfruit Farmers
Eat more jackfruit, eat less meat.

Less meat consumption means fewer emissions.

Fewer emissions lead to a healthier planet

Keeping our footprint low

Each time we ship jackfruit to the U.S., we send a full container so we keep our transportation emissions low and raise the bar on sustainability.

Let's talk sustainability

Where does your jackfruit come from

 Our jackfruit is sustainably grown and harvested by small farmers in India.

How is your jackfruit grown?

Our jackfruit is shade-grown in its native environment using sustainable harvesting methods that don’t harm the trees, disrupt the ecosystem, and keep the fruit growing year-round.