Annie Pushing Jack Annie When

Hey there! I’m Annie. And this is the story of how I met Jack, or as the rest of the world
knows it, Jackfruit.

met Jack.

It all started
in India

While practicing medicine in India, a large, spiky green plant at a street vendor’s stand caught my eye. It was a magical moment Jackfruit had come into my life and I couldn’t have been more curious! 



Each jackfruit was large enough to produce pounds of food, while maintaining a tender and satisfying texture, much like shredded meat. Even better, it was high in fiber and low in calories. 

It was the perfect match for me and my craving, to eat more plants and less meat without sacrificing flavor.

With Jackfruit by my side, I saw an opportunity to help the world eat a delicious plant that’s healthy, meaty, and better for the planet. Who doesn’t want that on their plate?

So, Jack and I formed a bond and I found the people who could help me introduce him to the world. The street vendors pointed me to family farmers who had been cultivating jackfruit for generations. They knew the plant better than anyone, and I trusted them to sustainably harvest jackfruit for my soon-to-be company, jack & annie’s. 

jack & annie's products

10 years later,
Jack and I are official

I started jack & annie’s in Boulder, Colorado, and made Jack the apple of my eye. Jack, a.k.a. jackfruit is the foundation of our plant-based meat alternatives with irresistible flavor and texture to our foods. Jackfruit is a 100% natural plant that’s grown on a tree, combined with herbs and spices, then delivered to you in the form of vegan patties, meatballs, sausages, and more.


And it’s really delicious.