Annie Pushing Jack It’s not plant-based. It’s

Grown on a tree, not in a
test tube.

Jackfruit is a whole plant that’s grown on trees native to southern India and other tropical climates.

Big on

Good source of protein

High in Fiber

70% less fat*

Beyond its juicy, meaty taste, jackfruit is also packed with nutrients. Protein? Check. Fiber? Gold star. Low in fat and calories? Heck yes and yes.


in general.

A Jack tree can produce up to 200 jackfruit a year, each weighing up to 100 pounds.

in the

Jackfruit takes on the spices and
seasonings of your favorite meaty
meals, so it satisfies in ways side
dishes can only dream of.

Drought resistant

Heat resistant

Pest resistant

Goes with the flow. Or lack thereof.

Jack trees are resistant to drought, heat, and pests—making them easy-going and easy-growing in our changing climate.

Keeps farmers coming back for more.

Since wild Jack trees don’t need to be planted each year, farmers can invest in more trees to continue to supplement their income.

when you are.

Since Jackfruit is huge, it would normally take hours just to slice. We do the hard part of prepping so you can do the easy part of kicking back and enjoying.