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Together, with Jack, we found a way to eat less meat with more joy.

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Crispy, juicy jack nuggets that you’ll want to dip in everything.

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Put down the meat, and pick up the jackfruit.

Our jackfruit-based meat alternatives give you the meaty texture you crave without sacrificing flavor. They’re juicy, tender, and sure to satisfy. Our jackfruit really does grow on trees. Big ones—that are sustainably grown and harvested by family farmers in India. So they’re good for the people, the planet, and your plate.

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We’re talking about plants with benefits.

Jackfruit is our #1 ingredient and is a large, green fruit grown in tropical climates. Its pull-apart texture makes it an ideal plant-based meat alternative to replace your favorite chicken, beef, or pork-based foods. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and even protein. In short, it’s the plant you never knew you needed.

100% natural

Good source
of protein

Chewy, meaty texture

Up to 65% less fat than meat

whole plant

Good source
of protein

Tastes amazing,
just like meat

Up to 65% less fat than meat

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    craveable, juicy,

    satisfying bites
    with benefits.

    100% Whole Plants
    100% Planet Loving
    110% Droolworthy



Jack, short for Jackfruit, is a big tropical plant with a lot to offer. It can mimic your favorite meaty foods without losing its texture and being able to take on any flavor in your spice rack. Beyond being mouthwatering, it’s nutritionally dense and sustainably harvested so its environmental impact is lower than your average meat product. Go ahead—give Jack a try.


Annie Ryu started jack&annie’s shortly after she fell in love with the plant while traveling through India. Growing up, she ate lots of meat but knew she should eat more plants. However, no meat substitute was ever tasty or unprocessed enough for Annie. Lucky for her (and now you!), she found a delicious plant-based option with a meaty texture and great nutrition. Win-win!

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    Each bite builds a better planet.

    Jackfruit is more than food. It can be a source of good for the environment.

Give Jack a chance

Our delicious jackfruit foods are waiting for you at your grocery store.

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